First Day of Spring

Not the official first day of spring. That day here it was snowing. Today is probably a teaser (plus 7 Celsius) but I decided to do some work in the yard. Our place has an apparently dead garden, with some shrubs probably surviving by the roots, a compost bin, and some grass. Here’s some photos of what it looked like when I headed out there this afternoon.


I’ll be honest. I’m an idealist, and a little naive. I thought I was going to open the bottom of the compost to find dark, rich soil. Instead I was greeted by a mess of ultra-dry and dead shrubs and grass.


The top of the compost was filled with dog poop – Thanks Mike.


This is our garden… ahem… dirt patch. Lots of nearly dead shrubs.


The remainder of the yard (you can see in this photo our Alaskan Malamute, Timber).



This is an ‘after’ shot. I shoved down all the fibrous stuff and shovelled in the pine needles I swept from the patio. Then I added our first ‘real’ compost contribution from the kitchen. Here’s to decomposition!



This is an ‘after’ shot of the patio, needles swept.

Next mission is to find out how to speed up composting. I’m assuming I need to correct the ratio of wet:dry compost, and maybe introduce some earth worms.